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bioC GmbH is an initiative of organic certification bodies, associations in the organic food sector, service providers and IFOAM-Organics International. bioC GmbH aims the global availability of verified up to date certification information.

The search on is available free of charge. On currently valid certificates of bio-certified operators can be downloaded at any time.

Currently information about approximately 130,000 certified operators is made accessible by organic certification bodies on the internet platform This includes information about national legal regulations in different countries as well as private standards. The bioC initiative is also welcomed by control authorities; the responsible British authority DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has chosen as its main directory for the publication of certificates of British organic companies. In Austria, the cooperation between easycert, bioQS and bioC serves as the directory for organic operators.

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Supplier list

As a customer of bioC you are able to create supplier lists in a password protected area. You will receive information if an organic supplier is not available anymore in bioC. The status of certification of all organic suppliers administrated by bioC is monitored and updated regularly.

Furthermore supplier list users can monitor relevant products. Product monitoring is available for several standards.




bioC account in a nutshell:

  1. Lists containing up to five companies are free of charge.
    This allows you to test the functionality of bioC without obligation to pay.
  2. The fees for lists with more than five companies/businesses are graduated.
    For a 50 euro flat fee, you may add up to 25 companies or businesses to your list. Each additional operator will cost one 2 additional euro.
  3. List users who are neither listed in the bioC database as an inspected company themselve nor client of a bioC control body are required to pay an additional flat fee of 50 euros each year to manage their lists.

bioC Terms and Conditions, Fees (Status August 2020)


Full-service supplier check

With the full-service supplier check bioC provides you a fullservice for monitoring the certifying status of your organic suppliers, even if they are not listed in bioC. For organic suppliers, which are not available in bioC, the certifying status incl. product scope is evaluated by bioC staff in a individual agreed repeating period. As result the bioC customer periodically gets status reports.

The fullservice supplier check is currently available for customers from Germany, Austria and United Kingdom.

Information Full-Service


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