Terms of Use

    1. bioC GmbH (bioC) provides an Internet register of certified organic agricultural companies at www.bioC.info, which complies with the requirements of the named government regulations and private standards.
    2. Unless otherwise indicated, data on organic agricultural companies may be accessed using the bioC search function. The following statements apply to any organic agricultural company found in this way:

      • the company is registered for control procedures in accordance with relevant government regulations and/or private standards; and
      • the company’s control body is a participant in this project and supplies the required data.

    3. The supplier list feature of bioC ensures that suppliers, which are accessible through the search function of bioC may be added to an electronic supplier list. This list contains the date when the respective supplier was added to the list. Only certified operators may be added to a supplier list. The supplier needs to have at least one product / product category with the status "organic" or "in conversion".
    4. The fact that an operator is listed in bioC does not guarantee that all products put on the market by that operator must be organic. It is the operators responsibility to label its products properly according to the EU-legislation on Organic Production.

      A product labeled organic is plausible if:

      • the product is labeled as organic under the the named government regulations and private standards,
      • the supplying company is listed in this directory and
      • the product is mentioned with the status "organic" or "in conversion".

      Since not all control bodies participate in this project, the directory is not yet complete. The control bodies that provide their data, are listed here.

    5. The control bodies ensure that the data are current and updated. The control bodies are obliged to remove operators from the directory which are no longer certified or update the data for such companies in the register immediately.
    6. The data in the directory are carefully maintained. Nevertheless the owners of this directory do not assume any liability for the topicality and completeness of the data provided on.
    7. Commercial use of the data, as well as partial or full in other information systems is not allowed. The data is protected by the copyright of each control body providing its data to bioC.


If you want to send us corrections or other information, please send an e-mail: admin[at]bioC.info
The full Terms and Conditions for the use of lists and notification feature can be found here:  bioC Terms and Conditions, Fees

Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about bioC or the supplier list feature.

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