19.03.2021 - As of now, the association certificates of the German organic associations Biokreis e.V. and Ecoland e.V. are also available on bioC, the central directory of certified organic operators.
On are at present federation certificates of approx. 100,000 certifies operators, which are made available by 44 organic certifying bodies. Also the associations Bioland, Naturland, Gäa, Demeter and ECOVIN publish their certificates already on


28.08.2020 - Since beginning of August now also the federation for ecological agriculture and healthy nutrition Biokreis e.V. makes successively the federation certificates of its member enterprises available on The user is thus offered the possibility of calling up the association certificates of already six large German associations centrally via in addition to the EU organic certificates of the Certification Bodies: besides Biokreis, these are Bioland, Demeter, ECOVIN, Gäa and also Naturland. 


27.08.2019 - bioC, the central directory of eco-certified companies, is newly online with new content. Demeter e.V. makes the association certificates of Demeter members from Germany available via


22.11.2018 - bioC, the central directory of eco-certified companies, is newly online with new content. The Fachgesellschaft ÖKO-Kontrolle mbH and the LKV Austria Gemeinnützige GmbH now publish the EU organic certificates of the companies they certify on as further inspection bodies. With their participation they contribute to increasing transparency in certification and to improving the traceability of organic products.

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21.06.2018 - bioC, the central directory of eco-certified companies, is newly online with new content. After Bioland, Naturland and Gäa, ECOVIN is the only German special association for organic viticulture to publish the certificates of its member companies and licensees via the system. By participating, ECOVIN increases transparency in certification and contributes to better traceability of its products and products. All members and licensees of ECOVIN can now print out the ECOVIN certificates and EU eco-certificates of their suppliers at any time for presenting them to the inspectors.

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07.05.2018 - bioC, the central registry of certified organic operators, has been launched today under with new content. Sativa, the largest Portuguese certification body is publishing certification data of Portuguese businesses on This means that now the certification data of more than 2,400 Portuguese organic operators are available on

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20.02.2018 - On the internet platform you can now find more than 100,000 organic certificates from about 80,000 eco-certified companies. In addition to certificates in accordance with EU organic farming legislation, certificates according to the private standards of Bioland, Biopark, ECOVIN, Gäa and Naturland are also available. Demeter certificates will be published on shortly.

In the course of a presentation at BIOFACH 2018 we presented the services of bioC, which will make it easier for you to check the certification status of your organic suppliers and their products.

Presentation (German)

Last year, an interface was developed that enables the use of bioC services in company-owned software applications. KiRa Informatik GmbH  presented how the interface works in the software "MyFarmers" used by the Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall.

Presentation (German) 


31.01.2018 - bioC now offers an interface to merchandise management systems and other in-house software solutions. This way, all bioC functions can be used within the usual software environment. bioC users always have the certifications status of their suppliers at hand during the daily work.

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28.06.2016 - Today, the new system has been launched online. It offers bioC users even more options to efficiently manage the certification status of their organic suppliers and their suppliers’ products.
Due to the monitoring function, registered bioC users are continuously informed by bioC on changes in certification status of their suppliers and their  respective products. bioC users are therefore always up to date – time-consuming collection of certificates is no longer necessary.

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08.03.2016 - Organic Standard, the largest organic certification body active in Ukraine, has published the certificates of its operators on, the Global Organic Certification Directory.

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Bonn, 16.02.2016 - IFOAM – Organics International is proud to report that bioC, the central registry of certified organic operators available online at now contains access to the more than 70,000 certified organic companies. The latest big addition to the directory came when DEFRA, the British inspection authority, decided in favor of bioC as the publication platform for all British organic certification bodies. This adds over 4.000 certified organic operators to the database, with Organic Farmers & Growers, Organic Trust, Organic Food Federation, Scottish Organic Producers Association, Soil Association, and Welsh Lamb & Beef Producers already publishing their data on bioC, with the rest to soon follow.

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bioC, das Verzeichnis der öko-zertifizierten Unternehmen, jetzt mit Zertifizierungsdaten von britischen Unternehmen online

05.02.2016 - bioC, das zentrale Verzeichnis der öko-zertifizierten Unternehmen, ist seit heute unter mit neuem Inhalt online. Damit sind nun die Zertifizierungsdaten von über 4.000 britischen Öko-Unternehmen auf bioC verfügbar. 

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Die Internetplattform bietet ihren Nutzern seit September eine neue Funktion zur Produktüberwachung. Damit können die bioC-Nutzer einfach prüfen, ob die relevanten Produkte ihrer Lieferanten aktuell zertifiziert sind.

01.09.2015 -bioC bietet seinen Nutzern ab sofort eine neue Funktion zur Produktüberwachung. Sie haben nun zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, zu definieren, welche Produkte eines Lieferanten mit welchem Status aktuell zertifiziert sein sollen. Ändert sich der Status eines Produktes oder wird es nicht mehr auf dem Zertifikat geführt, erhält der Nutzer automatisch eine Mail mit der entsprechenden Information. 

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